Covid-19 Updates

CampUs Kids follows the Covid-19 health and safety guidelines set forth by the CDC, DECAL, AAP and APS.

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CampUs Kids priority is providing a safe and secure environment for our kids, employees and families. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we must follow the health and safety guidelines by the CDC, DECAL, AAP and APS to ensure safety for everyone.

The health and safety procedures and protocols are as follow:

Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Apart of our precautionary measures due to COVID-19, we are forced to limit access inside the building. This means only staff and enrolled children are allowed inside the building. Drop-off and Pick-up will be outside of the building at the main entrance. Our employees will welcome our kids and check them in during drop-off period, and escort them to parents and or guardians and check them out during pick-up period.
  • Every enrolled child entering into the building will have their temperature checked prior to drop-off.
  • Every enrolled child entering into the building must wear a mask.
  • All parents and or guardians are required to wear a mask during drop-off and pick-up period.
  • Drop-off Health Screening Questionnaire: Please review the health screening questionnaire below prior to drop-off. You will be asked questions from this screening at drop-off.

Temperature Policy

Please be advised, the temperature policy of 100.4 or greater applies to members of the entire household. If one child runs a temperature of 100.4 or greater while at home or at school, all siblings are required to stay at home and follow the steps on the new temporary policy prior to returning to our program.

Safety Protocols:

  • Classes will be limited.
  • Parents and Guardians are responsible for providing masks to their child/ren, which must be wore from entering the building and upon leaving the building.
  • All staff’s temperature will be checked daily as well and must remain symptom-free. In addition, all staff must wear a mask.
  • We will have temperature checks at the door for all adults, children and staff.
  • CampUs Kids will ask all of our children to check their daily temperature and record it on a form provided by us, to ensure that they have not had a fever or any other symptoms related to COVID-19,14 days prior to starting back.
  • Again, CampUs Kids is limiting access inside the building, therefore, drop-off and pick-up will be at the main entrance door.
  • CampUs Kids will be cleaning daily and require regular handwashing or hand sanitizer through the day.

Sick Children

In accordance with the Center for Disease and Control, CampUs Kids is abiding by their temperature policy. At the time of drop-off, if a child or any member dropping off the child has a temperature of >100.4, the student will not be allowed to join our program school for the day. If a child has a fever of >100.4 while being in our program, they will be separated from their class and a parent or guardian will be required to pick them up immediately, no exceptions. The student will be required to remain home for 72 hrs. If after 72 hours the student’s temperature is still >100.4, they will be required to stay home for an additional 10 days.

Wearing a Mask

Every child enrolled in our program will be required to wear a mask the entire day. The only exception will be during lunch break and rest break. During drop-off and pick-up, parent(s) and guardian(s) and any other person accompanying must wear a mask.


  • With drop-off and pick-up taking place outside, a CampUs Kids administrator will check your child in and out of Tadpoles each day.
  • If a child is being picked up early, please call our office so that we are aware and have your child ready for that time.